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Create a thriving & fulfilling relationship with...

emotional stability, effective communication, and the freedom to create a partnership that looks nothing like your parents'

Did you know that the average couple waits 6 years before seeking help with marital problems?


Now imagine the number of beautiful memories and the immense amount of personal growth that can take place in 6 years.  🤯

Does this sound like you?

✓ You spend time with your partner, but it feels like you're really just existing in the same space. You wish you could CONNECT in a deep and meaningful way instead.

✓ You communicate regularly, but it feels like the same arguments are stuck on repeat. You're ready for an easier approach that ends in SOLUTIONS

✓ You miss the playful honeymoon phase when life felt easy and fun. You're craving new and exciting ADVENTURES with your love! 

My You & Me intentionally relationship group coaching program is the shortcut to creating the relationship of your dreams.

Imagine how it's going to feel when you & your sweetheart are making the most of each & every day, navigating life's challenges with ease, & using your fully-equipped toolbox to intentionally grow into the very best humans that you can be!


✓ MYTH #1: He/she never listens.

False - Your partner may not communicate in the same way that you do! It takes time and intention to learn how to listen/express your thoughts in a new way. 

✓ MYTH #2: Say goodbye to freedom!

False - Healthy relationships require a solid foundation of trust that allows both parties the freedom to honor & become their most authentic self.

✓ MYTH #3: Happy wife, happy life.

False - You and your partner both deserve to be wildly happy in your PARTNERSHIP!

I get it! These societal beliefs hold some serious power. 

Just like so many others, I'm guilty of letting past heartbreaks and societal norms lead me to believe that marriage and relationships are most often destined for failure. I've watched countless friends and family suffer through unhappy marriages or struggle through devastating divorces.


For a long time, I genuinely didn't believe that it was possible for commitment and trust to remain intact without being tainted by cheating, lying, or toxicity. And if I'm being completely honest, that's why it took two solid years for my now-husband to convince me that we should even give marriage a shot. 

Truth be told, we spend so much of our lives being exposed to the relationships of friends, parents, and celebrities. It's hard not to believe that what we see day in and day out is a pretty good indication of what our future should look like. But guess what? I'm calling bullshit.


You and your partner have the power to decide what your ideal relationship looks like. 

I wholeheartedly believe that no one gets to take that away from you unless you let them. This took me YEARS to learn, but I now know for a fact that if you take the time to create a solid foundation, you and your partner can achieve all of your wildest dreams together! That's ultimately why I've put so much heart and soul into creating this program.


After countless failed relationships, an unhealthy tolerance of toxicity, and years of therapy, I finally realized that my marriage didn't necessarily have to look like anyone else's. My husband and I gave ourselves permission to create an environment that would allow us the freedom that we both craved and needed to be wildly happy in our relationship. This type of environment has fostered insane amounts of personal growth and healing. It has allowed us to more easily give and receive love. This type of environment has enabled us both to work towards becoming the very best version of ourselves. 

When you’re able to show up as your best self, that is when your professional and personal life begins to thrive. That is when marriage becomes an awesome and fulfilling partnership that propels your forward with positive momentum. That is when you both get to enjoy the freedom of stepping into your truest and most authentic self! 

Enter my new You & Me Intentionally Group Coaching Program! 

Gain back 6 years of your life by participating in my 6-week program! 

Overcome the challenges of differing love languages.

✓ Emotional stability, which means less time spent fighting and more time for making memories together.

✓ Navigate the challenges of in-laws, exs, failed relationships, and limiting beliefs with ease.

✓ You're not required to have the same relationship as your friends or parents. Embrace the freedom!

✓ Overcome family and past relationship trauma to create a beautifully authentic partnership.

✓ Learn how to give and receive love more freely.

✓ Deepen your connection despite your busy schedules.

✓ Five sessions designed to educate via video call. Sessions will last approximately one hour each.

✓ Access to all recordings throughout the duration of the program.

✓ Private and personalized advice/support via the Voxer app. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.

✓ You & Me Intentionally coaching workbook mailed to your door.  You will also receive a digital version of the workbook.

✓ 1:1 coaching call to address any specific topics that are unique to your relationship.

✓ Access to the private Facebook community for a sense of community and accountability.

✓ A live Q&A session where you are able to anonymously submit any questions.


BONUS: Welcome Gift valued at $200 with additional tools to make working on your relationship fun and enjoyable!

Here's How It Works:

That's valued at more than $3,925.39! But don't worry, I want this program to be as accessible as possible, so that is not what I'm going to charge.

For the beta version of this program, I'm offering a $500 discount.

the relationship transformation that you've been searching for$995 


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